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New Date For Entrant Status Check DV-2021

The U.S. Department of State announced that the opening of the Entrant Status Check (ESC) for DV-2021 is postponed.
The new date is Saturday, June 6, 2020.

The delayed opening will not negatively impact the State Departments ability to pre-process and schedule DV-2021 interviews, which are scheduled to begin on October 1, 2020.


Changes in DV-Lottery Entry Rules

Requirements to enter the Diversity Visa Lottery will change with the coming lottery, DV-2021. This was announced in the Federal Register (a publication of the US Government about changes in regulations of federal agencies).

Entrants must now include on the Entry Form the number of their passport, the name of the country/authority that issued the passport and the expiration date.
The requirement only applies to the principal petitioner, not to his/her derivatives (spouse, child/children) listed when entering.

The requirement is waived is the entrant is stateless or a national of a communist-controlled country, unable to obtain a passport, or the beneficial of a passport-waiver issued by DHS and DOS.

Furthermore it is now explicitly stated that individuals who enter but not provide all required information on their Entry Form will be immediately disqualified.
“Current instructions are not clear that failure to provide that information results in mandatory disqualification” according to the US Department of State.

What does this new rule mean ?

Until now a passport was not needed to enter the DV Lottery. It became only necessary when an entrant was “selected for further processing”, which means allowed to apply for a Diversity Visa. But starting with DV-2021 a valid, unexpired international travel passport is required to submit the Entry Form.

Why is this rule implemented ?

The State Department encountered more and more fraudulent entries each year. Criminals even submitted Entry Forms for individuals without their knowledge, then blackmailed them when they were selected.

Will this effect DV-2020 Selectees ?

No. The rules for DV-2020 will stay as they were.


Entrant Status Check for the 2020 Diversity Visa Lottery starts on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Entrant Status Check (ESC) for the 2020 Diversity Visa Lottery starts on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

For ESC go to to the eDV website:

Click Check Status, on the next page click Welcome. 
Follow the instructions for Enter Entrant Information.

You will need the 16-digit Confirmation Number that you received when you entered.

Lost your Confirmation Number ?
 Click the line in blue that says so.
 You will then be asked to also give the email address you used on your Entry Form.

Because so many people want to see if they won, it is possible the eDV system gets overloaded. Just wait a few days. No need to check the first day, it does not give you a better chance. You are either are selected or you are not.

UPDATE May 9: the eDV website was off-line for most of the day on May 8 and is still experiencing server outages on May 9.

If you are selected: we just published our DV-2020 Winners Guide !


DV Lottery re-starts October 18: ALL so far Submitted Entry Forms INVALID

Electronic registration for DV-2019 will re-start on Wednesday, October 18, at 12.00 p.m. EDT.
ALL Entry Forms submitted before that date are INVALID and need to be submitted again!
Closing date for DV-2019 is now Wednesday, November 22, at 12.00 p.m. EST.

The Department of State issued a statement:
We regret the inconvenience to Diversity Visa entrants. In order to ensure fairness and protect the integrity of the process for all those concerned, however, we must restart the entry process for this year (DV-2019).

If you entered before Wednesday, October 18, 2017, that entry will NOT be considered, and you will need to submit another Entry Form during the new registration period.
You may submit one new entry without being disqualified for submitting multiple entries. Individuals who submit more than one entry during the new registration period will be disqualified.

The Department will send an automated email notification to each Diversity Visa Entrant from whom an entry was received before October 18, 2017, using the email address provided on the lottery entry form, directing the entrant to check the website for an important announcement.

DV-2019 also has a new date Entrant Status Check becomes possible: May 15, 2018.

Nota Bene. Everyone who submitted an Entry Form before the eDV website went off-line (Tuesday, October 10) must enter again. No exceptions possible. Please keep the NEW Confirmation Number safe for your Status Check next year ! The photo(s) previously uploaded for the now invalid DV-2019 submission can be used again. To re-enter go to 


Diversity Visa Lottery Entry Form taken off-line

Part of the official Diversity Visa Lottery website was taken off-line on Tuesday, October 10. People wanting to access the DV-2019 Entry Form found they were unable to so so.
Entrant Status Check for DV-2018 continued to be possible.
The Department of State gives maintenance of the Electronic Application System (AES) as the reason. It is at this moment unclear when the site will resume accepting DV Applications.
The 2019 Diversity Visa Lottery program started last week on Tuesday, October 3, and will end on Tuesday, November 7, at noon.

As of Thursday, October 12, the problems are ongoing and the Entry Form can still not be accessed.



DV-2019 websites ! A better way to enter the Visa Lottery ?

Websites offering registration for this year’s Visa Lottery are popping up all over the internet and on the social media. “Apply for your Green Card NOW !” they advertise. 

These websites are NOT created by the US Government. These sites are set up by private persons, agencies or companies. They make money of the (free) US Diversity Visa Lottery program.
The person, agency or business can be legally registered in the US. That does not mean they are licensed by the US Government to offer Visa Lottery or Green Card related services.

Do not be fooled by the official sounding names of some of these agencies.
Or by the websites they have, complete with official looking stamps and seals.

Spending money does not buy you a better chance of winning a Green Card !

This address is the one and only official eDV site.
It is administered by the US Departement of State (DOS).
There is NO charge if you enter on the official site.


US Senate bill proposes immigration limits

Prez Trump endorsed today a new Senate bill aimed at immigration reform. Under the acronym RAISE (Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy) it proposes to lower Immigration levels over the next ten years to ultimately 500,000 permanent immigrants per year.

This goal would be reached by removing some categories that US citizens and Permanent Residents are currently allowed to sponsor. Only spouses and unmarried minor children would be eligible for immigration.
Furthermore the yearly number of refugees permanently allowed in would be limited to 50,000. The Diversity Visa Lottery program would be cancelled.

The bill also proposes a more merit based immigration system (like Canada and Australia have). Points would be awarded based on factors such as English ability, education levels, job skills.
The limit for employment-based Green Cards would however stay at its current level of 140,000.


Numerical results DV-2018 Entries announced

The US Department of State issued the results of the drawing for the 2018 Visa Lottery. 

For DV-2018 in total 14,692,258 participants submitted a qualified entry (23,088,613 with derivatives). Approximately 115,968 of these entries were selected for further processing through the Kentucky Consular Centre (KCC). 

Selected Entrants can submit a Visa Application (apply for a Green Card). Every year 50,000 visas are made available for the Diversity Program. 

The larger number of “winners” should insure that all available Diversity Visas are issued during Fiscal Year 2018. Past experience shows that some of the first 50,000 Selected Entrants decides not to pursue a visa. The Visa Number is then used for the Selectee next in line. The place in line is given at random. 

To see the numbers of winners per Region and per Country:


This year’s Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2019)

People all over the world, interested in immigrating into the US, wonder if there will be another chance to play for a Diversity Visa.

At the moment it is unclear whether another Visa Lottery, DV-2019, will be held. IF it happens, the Entry Period will be in October and possibly a few days in November this year (2017). Usually the announcement for a new DV-program is made late August, early September.

The requirements for education and/or work experience will probably be the same as for previous Visa Lotteries. Regarding eligibility – we must wait and see which countries the State Department will include and which it will exclude.   

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