No Visitor Visas issued at Embassy in Moscow during next 8 days, suspension indefinite at Consulates.

The US Embassy in Moscow will stop issuing Non-Immigrant (N/I) Visas for eight days, starting Wednesday, August 28. The measure also means that N/I Visa issuance is suspended at the US Consulates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok.
The visas involved are mainly B-1/2 Visitor Visas, needed to enter the US temporarily “for business and/or for tourism”.
The Russian Foreign Ministry recently ordered the number of US Embassy and Consulate workers to be capped. Diplomatic staff had to be reduced by 750 people (two-thirds of the total number of workers). 
The US Embassy intends to resume issuing N/I Visas on September 1. However the suspension will for now stay in place at the US Consulates. 

According to statistics of the US State Department close to 190,000 Non-Immigrant Visas were granted in Russia last year.